June 27, 2009

Laos- Here I Come!

So, it is less than one week before I leave my beloved city and take off on a new adventure. Now that school and report cards are done, I feel like I have had a moment to rest, and the reality that I am leaving has taken on a much more real and tangible feel. I will arrive in Bangkok on Saturday night, and will leave immediately for Vientiane Sunday morning. From there I am heading to Luang Prabang to play for a week before I start my work placement.

I have decided to use this blog as a way for people to keep in touch, and for me to share and reflect upon my adventures. I have had a strange (but wonderful) feeling that this trip is going to change my life in some way - or at least instigate some type of a shift. This thought is really exciting.

So, please keep me in your thoughts while I am away, and I look forward to hearing about everyone's own personal adventures when I return.


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