December 28, 2008

Slumdog Millionaire...

Today was a great day.  Partly because it involved a trip to the Army and Navy (the world's most useful store), as well as the fact that I was lucky enough to see one of the best films of the year.  Lucky in the sense that I managed to squish into the last seat in the movie theatre.  At a Sunday matinee. 

Where do you begin?  Slumdog Millionaire elicits all of your emotions in the space of two hours - people were gripping the arms of their seats in suspense, laughing out loud, and quietly being reminded of the ingenuity that humans exhibit in the most desperate situations.  For anyone that has travelled outside of North America or Western Europe, there are some striking scenes of the boys 'working' at the Taj Mahal that will make you laugh...for the M.I.A. lovers out there, she is part of an outstanding soundtrack that works perfectly with the cinematography.  
This is a most definite recommendation - I believe the ridiculous number of positive adjectives in this post makes that point quite clear.  

Is this the beginning?

People say that writing is therapeutic.  I am not sure how this applies to the over-anxious, boy-crazy ramblings of my high school diaries, but I am hoping that a blog might re-inspire me to write again.  My recent attempts at journal writing has rarely lasted more than 15 pages, thus in the name of environmentalism and saving paper, I have converted to the electronic format.  

At present, I have no concrete plan as to how this blog will unfold.  Perhaps this will remain private - a place for me to vent frustration and boredom after a long day at work.  Maybe this will be a place where I will facilitate important discussion on politics and the environment that will change the world.  Somehow, I think that seems unlikely.  

And so I will simply just begin.  Let the words unravel as they may, and hopefully the creative side of me will take over.  Aren't left-handed people supposed to be good at that?  I recognize that I am entering the '21st century' a little late - I'm sure that most of my grade 9 students already have 3 blogs of their own.  Be patient with me.