April 5, 2010

Dexter... really?

Last week's attempts to become a daily blogger and to summon my inner writer failed. But, my new approach is to let go and ot beat myself up for my failures. Thank yyoga for that. So here I am, trying to finish my master project, and watching season 2 of dexter. That would indicate that I already made it through most of Season 1 over the easter break. who knew I could become obsessed by serial killers.

yoga the last two days. pretty good. finding it hard to do six days a week, but doing allright. yesterday was mike, talked alot about finding that place where there is no struggle. that's my goal for this week.

March 20, 2010

Reflections on Today.

Ok. So I'm back on the blog scene. Combination of procrastination, a little boredom, and a concerted effort to avoid doing work. So there are a few things on my mind. Thought I'd share them with the blogosphere world - not because I think that anyone reads my blog, but because I think that writing will be therapeutic.

1. So first off, I've been consumed by March Madness craziness this year - a little bit more than the usual in fact. Thursday (opening day) was a fabulous day... I came home at 4pm, put on my pajamas, popped a gigantic bowl of popcorn and then proceeded to sit on the couch for 5 straight hours and watch basketball. i've got my bracket with me at all times in my pocket, and did pretty well in the first round. I'm liking Washington State alot, and in case you're interested, here are President Obama's picks for 2010 march madness.

Note that both Obama and I have chosen the Kansas Jayhawks to win it all. I like to think that we have similar lines of thinking.

2. Health care bill - the big vote is tomorrow, and I can hardly believe this is even a discussion. What kind of society do you live in where people argue that some people don't deserve basic health coverage? The US has the most expensive health care system (per person) of any country, and yet they serve the least amount of people?! They are the only developed country that doesn't offer universal health care.. you've got to be joking me. It makes me ill to think that some people mortgage their houses to pay for their cancer treatments, or that people don't deal with broken bones or stitches because it's too expensive. I also feel like there's a major underlying element of racism/SES discrimination in all of these debates -who are the groups that are most underserved by the system... and what conclusions can we draw from this.

3. I'm going to try a yoga experiment, and I"m hoping that writing about it will help me stick to it. 4 weeks - 6 times a week. It's definitely doable, however the question is whether or not I've got enough will-power. I want to know how I would feel if I was that dedicated to "the practice" - there's a high risk I might start quoting some hard-core shakti shakti phrases... So I'm going to give it a shot and see what comes of it. Here's to hoping i might be just a little more patient by the end of this. Today is Day 2. So far, so good.