January 12, 2009

Things That I Love

It seems that when you're stuck for something to write about, it's easiest to simply begin with what you know best - yourself.  So.. I have decided to begin a series about things that I love.  I have not yet determined what will make the list, or how long it will last.  Since I seem to be a bit spastic about things, be prepared for several random items. I also have a tendency to 'love everything'  - some have accused me of being a bit indiscriminate.  The truth is that I'm just not that picky.  I haven't read too many books that I haven't enjoyed, and I like most movies. However, in my attempts to make my blog remotely interesting, I'm going to try really hard to come up with some good things. 

Let's get started. First Topic: The Wire.  Where do I even begin...

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