December 28, 2008

Is this the beginning?

People say that writing is therapeutic.  I am not sure how this applies to the over-anxious, boy-crazy ramblings of my high school diaries, but I am hoping that a blog might re-inspire me to write again.  My recent attempts at journal writing has rarely lasted more than 15 pages, thus in the name of environmentalism and saving paper, I have converted to the electronic format.  

At present, I have no concrete plan as to how this blog will unfold.  Perhaps this will remain private - a place for me to vent frustration and boredom after a long day at work.  Maybe this will be a place where I will facilitate important discussion on politics and the environment that will change the world.  Somehow, I think that seems unlikely.  

And so I will simply just begin.  Let the words unravel as they may, and hopefully the creative side of me will take over.  Aren't left-handed people supposed to be good at that?  I recognize that I am entering the '21st century' a little late - I'm sure that most of my grade 9 students already have 3 blogs of their own.  Be patient with me.  

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